[:de]Pflanzen Libraries für 3Ds Max[:en]Plant libraries for 3Ds Max[:]

[:de]Pflanzen Libraries für 3Ds Max[:en]Plant libraries for 3Ds Max[:]

[:en]Here is a list of links to useful plant libraries for 3Ds Max visualization:


The following list is a summary of plant libraries for 3Ds Max and other formats. All of these are high quality and either come with VRay materials or at least textures. There are more tools (plugins) that create plants inside of Max, and I´ll post a list of these later. This list is just the static models that can be used for realistic visualization in architecture.

[h3_underlined] 3D plant libraries [/h3_underlined]

Models / Library Company Price Contents
Interior Plants VIZPARK 79 € 40 plant models with GrowFX presets
Archmodels Evermotion 120 € from 20 to 66 models each
Plants Vol. 1 & 5 CGAxis $99 / 75 € 20 plants or 20 trees
3D Plants 123d $45 5 plants with pots
Autodesk seek Autodesk FREE 100 plants from xfrog
xFrog Plants xFrog $149 – $199 many trees and flowers
Turbosquid Several $0 – $1000 collections and single models
Cornucopia3D Several $5 – $50 plants for Vue and OBJ format
iTrees / iGrass iCube R&D 50 € – 150 € grass, flowers and trees
HQPlants 3Dmentor $119 – $149 grass and trees
mdo Plants Emecstudios 99,- € (beta) not officially released yet

[h3_underlined]VIZPARK | Interior Plants [/h3_underlined]

VP Interior Plants

40 highly Realistic plants for interior visualization in 10 plant species with GrowFX presets for more variation. Each plant has multiple textures for the leaves and prepared materials (vray and standard) shaders for easy renderings. Also included are fbx and obj formats. A very good choice for any interior architecture project.

[h3_underlined]Evermotion Archmodels [/h3_underlined]

Very commonly used are the Archmodels from Evermotion. They include trees, scrubs, plants for interior and exterior, flowers and more. All libraries contain between 20 to over 60 high quality models with high poly count, textures assigned and materials created for VRay and Mental Ray. At this moment there are 10 libraries with over 600 plant models in total. Each of the models can also be purchased separately.

[h3_underlined]CGAxis Plants and Trees [/h3_underlined]

New on the market with plants and trees is the company CGAxis. The two libraries each contain 20 models including textures and shaders for VRay, Mental Ray and Scanline. All models also can be purchased separately.

[h3_underlined]3DPlants from 123d [/h3_underlined]

123d offers two libraries with plants, one indoor/outdoor library with 5 plants in pots for $45 and another Palm tree library with 14 models for $99. Within the palm library each tree has some size / age variations and comes with textures and shaders for VRay. The libraries include 3ds, obj, lwo and max formats.

[h3_underlined]Autodesk Seek FREE xFrog plants [/h3_underlined]

xfrog and Autodesk generously have published 100 plants, trees and bushes for free. They all are available as MAX files and include textures as well as shaders. Some of the plants are even available in different variations like size and age.


[h3_underlined]xFrog plants [/h3_underlined]

xFrog is one of the first developers of plant software and realistic models. The xfrog software allows creation of individual plants and species, but the 30 libraries contain from 20 to 180 models each. The good thing about these libraries is that each model has some variations, so you won´t get repetition so easily when replicating the models in your scene.


[h3_underlined]Turbosquid plants [/h3_underlined]

The largest online stock marketplace Turbosquid currently counts around 7600 models for plants. The list include collections but mainly single models of varying quality.

[h3_underlined]Cornucopia3D plants [/h3_underlined]

Cornucupia3D is the marketplace for models specifically used with Vue from e-onsoftware. These models are less realistic than the Evermotion models for example, but they count less polygons. The advantage of using these models with Vue or Vue xStream is, that they are half procedural. Each instance placed in a scene will be different as it is randomly modified. Some models are also available as OBJ files, but will be static compared to the Vue versions. Nevertheless these models are a good resource even if you don´t own Vue or Carbonscatter from e-onsoftware.


[h3_underlined]HQPlants from 3Dmentor [/h3_underlined]

3Dmentor created over 900 plants, mostly with Exlevel GrowFX I believe. The models are highly realistic and are available as 3Ds Max scene files with shaders for VRay, Mental Ray and Scanline. The trees have high poly count and therefore need a good system with lots of RAM. For high-end visualization these models are a good choice.


[h3_underlined]Emecstudios mdo plants [/h3_underlined]

A very promising package will be offered from Emecstudios, including plugins for scattering, modifying and placing plants, grass and other objects in a scene. The software is available as beta version, but no models are available yet. Its well worth watching this product as the renderings speak for themselves. A beta version is currently available for 99,- €.

[h3_underlined]iCube R&D group iPlants [/h3_underlined]

The R&D group of iCube in russia have developed a plugin called Multiscatter resp. VRayscatter. This plugin creates thousands and millions of instances of a model as proxy and can create large fields, forests and other areas with many different highpoly objects. Specifically for this plugin they have released some libraries that contain Proxy models for VRay. The renderings are pretty impressive and will give you a good solution when you own the plugin.


I hope this gives you a bit of an overview on the available plant libraries that are used in architectural visualization.

Let me know if you are missing anything…




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