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[:en]VIZPARK is an online shop for high-quality 3d models and plugins, created by Pixelsonic under the trademark VIZPARK. The 3d models and plugins are aimed at digital visualization studios and artists in the areas of architecture, design, advertising, film and television. The shop is just a few weeks before launch and here are some example products... [button link=""]Check out VIZPARK website[/button] [:]

[:de]Stereo 3D Version eines Fantasie Waldes erzeugt mit Vue. Bitte setzen Sie eine 3D anaglyph Brille (REDCYAN) auf, um den 3D Effekt sehen zu können. Dieses Bild ist auch im Pixelsonic Viewmaster Set enthalten. [:en]Stereoscopic version of a fantasy forest created in Vue. Please put on anaglyph stereo glasses (REDCYAN), in order to view the 3D effect. This image is also included in the Pixelsonic Viewmaster Set.[:]