Architectural Visualization

Architectural Visualization examples
Based on your ideas, drawings or CAD files, we visualize buildings before the exist, photorealistic or stylized. This way you can already test your ideas while working on the concept or while creating marketing materials. We create images or animations for web, print, small scale and large scale.

Product Visualization

Not only automobiles are visualized photorealistically nowerdays, also products of daily use, like household, drinks, toys and more can be visualized and animated photorealistically. Whether you want to present your products on the web, in printed catalogs, or on television, 3D visualization is a cost effective and flexible solution.

Animation for film and television

 Animation examples
We create logo animations, camera flights, or documentational animations as well as visual effects for film, tv and games. Set extensions, matte backgrounds, motion tracking, compositing can all be done in full HD format as well as special formats like 360° and stereoscopic.

CGI services and consulting

 CGI services and support
  • Lighting, Shading (lighting with 3Ds Max, VRay or HDRI)
  • Digital Nature (landscapes, trees, grass, clouds, Vue & Multiscatter)
  • Rendering (3Ds Max, VRay or Mental Ray, 70GHz Renderfarm)
  • Modeling (polygon modeling, architecture, products and plants)
  • 3D Scanning (Laser scanning of small objects, photogrammetry)
  • Stereoscopic production (stereo rendering, photography, consulting)
  • HDRI (panoramic photography of skydomes for 3D IBL)