Pixelsonic is a digital studio and service agency for computer generated images, animations and sound. With nearly 24 years in computer graphics and 4 years of professional experience in the architecture, entertainment and film industry world, Pixelsonic offers the most up-to-date and comprehensive range of high-end creative services that include architectural visualization, product visualization, animation for feature film, television and cgi services like modeling, lighting, shading, 3d scanning and hdri photography.


Pixelsonic acts like an agency with its own production facilities. There is only one employee, the owner, myself, Martin Jann. The reason is simple: saving cost, which means more competitive prices for you. For larger projects with need for additional support, I´m hiring freelancers from a well grown personal network of professionals.

Pixelsonic Studio - Martin


Pixelsonic was established in 2007 by Martin Jann, former audio design professional and computer graphics enthusiast. While still just playing around with the software reflections on Amiga 500 about 24 years ago, computer graphics soon became a passionate hobby and profession. Martin has started working with 3D Studio DOS 3 about 18 years ago and still uses 3Ds Max in its most recent version. His passion for the third dimension in computer generated imagery and sound led to the foundation of Pixelsonic.


Our 3D pipeline is based on 3Ds Max with a 70GHz  renderfarm for distributed rendering of large stills and animations. We use VRay 2.0 as main renderer and additionally Maxwell or Octane Render for product visualization. For 3D scanning we use DAVID Laserscanner and photogrammetry software for larger objects. For digital nature like clouds, landscapes and trees we use Vue xStream or Multiscatter and Forestpack Pro. Compositing is done in Aftereffects and Composite or Photoshop for stills. For shooting HDRI images we use a Canon DSLR camera with panorama head and PTGUI for stitching. Additionally we have a complete audio post production pipeline based on Digidesign ProTools, including a large number of plugins, instruments and sound effects.